Cosmetic Dentistry in Clairemont Mesa

Dental Implants and Veneers Next to Dental Mirror | Top Family Dentist San Diego 92117If a tooth is too short, deformed, dark, or poorly aligned, sometimes whitening and orthodontic treatment are not enough to fix your smile. In these cases, Dr. Ali may recommend cosmetic crowns and veneers to fix your smile. Dr. Ali will drill a thin layer of enamel off of your teeth, take impressions, and give you some temporary crowns. After a laboratory custom-designs your smile, you’ll be brought back for a second appointment where Dr. Ali will place your veneers for a long-lasting smile you can be proud of! Dental veneers and crowns are bonded to your teeth permanently, so you don’t have to worry about taking anything in or out of your mouth to eat, brush, or sleep.

Cosmetic work can be done very quickly, and is great for anyone who wants a “Hollywood Smile” but doesn’t have the time for years of tooth straightening and whitening.


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