Dental Caps in Clairemont Mesa, California

Dental Crowns, Caps, and Bridges on Table | Top Dentist San Diego 92117A dental crown, sometimes nicknamed a “cap,” is a way to fix a cavity that is too big for an ordinary filling to fix. They are also used for cracks or fractures in places that a filling can’t fit inside of.

Signs you may need a crown:

  • There are crack lines in your tooth
  • Your tooth is completely or partially broken
  • Your tooth has a very large filling that has started to break down
  • You have had a recent Root Canal Therapy performed on a tooth.

Tooth Bridges

Bridges are a way to replace missing teeth by connecting teeth in front and behind the missing tooth together. A bridge is one of three ways to replace missing teeth, including dental implants and partial dentures. Ask Dr. Ali which option works best for you at your appointment.

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