Preventative Dental Care in Clairemont, CA

Dental Exams and Cleanings | Toothpaste and Toothbrush | Best Dentist San Diego 92117Brushing and flossing is crucial, but no matter how well you maintain your teeth, you can’t remove all the plaque and tartar on your teeth. To keep your mouth healthy, a cleaning is needed at least every 3-6 months.

Did you know that dental cleanings are a medical procedure that needs to be diagnosed by your dentist? Before any cleaning, a set of xrays will be taken and analyzed by your dentist to make sure your mouth is healthy. In some cases, a deeper cleaning (Scaling and Root Planing) will be diagnosed and required to make sure your gums don’t become infected and your teeth don’t become loose. Ask us about gum disease at your appointment.

Please keep in mind that a dental cleaning is defined by the American Dental Association as a PREVENTATIVE treatment. If areas of your mouth have Active Disease, we may need to stabilize those conditions before a cleaning. This can be reviewed with the doctor. Schedule your exam and cleaning with us at (858) 277-4764