Dental Treatment For Kids in Clairemont Mesa, California

Happy Child in Dental Chair | Top Pediatric and Family Dentist in San Diego 92117Even baby teeth need to be protected! Why? There are several important reasons why every child should have a dentist by the age of 2 years old:

  1. Baby teeth can feel pain too! Cavities that get out of control can cause pain or infection for your child.
  2. One of the most common reasons why braces are needed is if a baby tooth has to be pulled too early. If a child has to have a baby tooth pulled from a deep cavity, teeth can shift and a smile can become very crooked. Ask us about space maintainers for your child.
  3. Kids should know what the dentist is like early on! One of the most common fears people have is of the dentist. Meeting a friendly face from a young age can help children avoid this common fear.

The best treatment for your child is prevention. Schedule an appointment with us today to establish an early dental home. Call (858) 277-4764 today!