Endodontic Treatment in Clairemont Mesa

Root Canal Therapy in San Diego, CA - Clairemont Mesa Dental CenterRoot Canal Therapy (RCTs) have a reputation for being scary, but in reality, they’re as easy and simple as any other dental procedure. Once you’re numb, you don’t feel much beyond the usual sensation of drill pressure like an ordinary filling.

RCTs are the treatment of choice for teeth that are infected, and are often required when a tooth is painful. Once an RCT is necessary, there is no more time to wait, as an infection is actively growing and the tooth is at its last chance for being saved.

The best way to avoid root canals is by getting your dental checkups early and often, and completing all necessary dental work before cavities grow into painful infections. If you’re having pain, swelling, or are just overdue for a preventative checkup, contact Dr. Ali and his team today at (858) 277-4764.