Teeth Whitening

Free Professional Teeth Whitening with any “Healthy Patient Cleaning”. A Healthy Patient cleaning is a dental cleaning and check-up where a patient has no cavities, no active gum disease, and all necessary dental treatment has successfully been completed. This offer is available for all members of our office’s discount membership plan.

15% OFF
All Dental Treatment

Our yearly discount membership plan provides patients with an affordable alternative to dental insurance, with no exclusions, limitations, or problems with coverage! When you join our membership plan, you get at least 15% off every dental procedure you need or want, no questions asked. See our discount membership plan page for details.

Price Match

We’re determined to be the best office for you and your family. Give us any official treatment plan you’ve received from another local office, and we promise to match or beat their prices. Mention this offer to claim the deal at your appointment.

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