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5 stars
I know it’s somewhat cliched to admit, but I grew up with a fear of going to the dentist. I never really outgrew that, and as an adult that fear got compounded with the added responsibility of having to pay for it. While I’m not completely over it, I can say that my experience at the Clairemont Dental Center has helped abate those feelings of negativity. Dr. Ali took his time explaining to me the whats and the whys of what he was doing and really made an effort to make me feel comfortable. He understood where I was coming from and didn’t recommend any unnecessary procedures. I can’t recommend this place enough. - Hans L.
5 stars
Dr. Aldabe is a wonderful clinician. Very personable and made me feel like I was important. Explained all procedures very well, and it was a pleasure to be a patient here. Can’t recommend enough. - Alan M.
5 stars
My wife and I have had excellent experiences at Clairemont Mesa Dental Center. Dr. Ali Aldabe DMD, is an outstanding dentist. He is very professional, highly skillful, very pleasant. Dr. Ali listens carefully to his patients and explains everything in details for any procedure done. Everything is organized and clean. His staff is very friendly, cheerful and very helpful. We are very happy and grateful to be taken care of by Dr. Ali and we highly recommend him and his Dental Center. - Salah B.
5 stars
Can I rate higher than five stars?? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Dr. Aldabe is AMAZING!!!! I’m such an anxious patient, and I was fresh off a couple of bad dental experiences. I needed a filling fixed, and three new fillings. I was super nervous, but Dr. Aldabe made the experience so nice. He’s patient, he answered all of my questions and put my mind at ease. And the man is a wizard with a needle, I was so numbed up and the shots were no big deal. And he was able to fix all four teeth in one go, which I so appreciate.

The staff is incredible too. I love this place, and I’ll be going to Clairemont Mesa Dental for as long as I live in San Diego. Seriously, if you’re anxious I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
- Kasey C.
5 stars
I knew the day would come when Dr. Block would retire and I wish him all the best. I could not be more pleased with his choice to continue his practice. Dr Ali is awesome! He has great communication, explains everything and gives choices for treatment. But even better are his clinical skills. Starting with the injection and throughout the procedure I didn’t feel anything. He is thoughtful, courteous and concerned with the level of comfort. I had an excellent visit and feel very comfortable with him as my new dentist. I will highly recommend Dr Ali to my family and friends. Please give him a chance to be your new dentist. You will be glad with your decision. Dr. Block once again came through with his choice for Dr Ali to take great care of all his existing patients and hopefully new patients who are looking for a caring and skilled dentist!! - Sharon H.
5 stars
This dental office is not only conveniently close but the hours of operation are helpful for the working community as well. From the very start the staff is friendly and helpful. The dental care is superior to say the least. The conversation and humor of the staff makes my visits even more enjoyable. My insurance found you but our choice to stay is because of how we are treated. - Annette K.
5 stars
A total 180 from my last dentist. Amazing, and I will be leaving my old dentist that gouged my insurance benefits to gladly be Dr. Ali's patient. Dr. Ali fixed a filling that had been improperly put in and uncomfortable. He also took the time to explain things to me and be the one to provide care, this is what I want, I want the person giving me my care plan to be hands on and involved. The last place just threw me to their network of specialists and let me find for myself with their plan. Dr. Ali is Grade A at his craft and I am happy to have found a great dentist, and I want to be there as Dr.Ali grows and improves his practice. - Travis A.
5 stars
I love everything about the Clairemont Mesa Dental Center! The super friendly staff, highly trained dentist and hygienist.

Dr Ali Aldabe and hygienist Danielle are very caring, thorough and professional. They treat you like family and make the experience very comfortable and fun.

After the x-rays, we went through all my options, and the work that needed to be done. I am looking forward to improve my dental health through the recommended treatment plan.

I'm very impressed by the entire dental team at the Clairemont Mesa Dental Center. I strongly recommend this office, if you are looking for a professional and trustworthy dentist.
- Kwi-Sung K.