Abscessed Teeth Treatment in Clairemont Mesa, California

Tooth Swelling and Infection - San Diego, CA - Clairemont Mesa Dental CenterSwelling and infection in your mouth can come from many places, including both the teeth and the gums. Mouth infections usually can’t be fixed with antibiotics alone, because if the source of the problem is left untreated, the infection and swelling just comes back again later.

If the swelling and infection is confined to the mouth, there’s usually a number of different ways to treat it. This can include root canal therapy, extractions, gum disease treatment and more, depending on what’s causing your infection. Dr. Ali will take x-rays and perform some tests to make sure he can find the best diagnosis and treatment for your problem.

If you are having swelling of your neck or throat area, this may be a more serious condition and compromise airway and breathing. Please seek local emergency medical care if this is the case, then schedule with us immediately to address the cause of the problem.

The longer an infected tooth is left to swell, the more likely it will need to be pulled out or cause expensive emergency complications. If you’re experiencing infection or swelling, schedule today at (858) 277-4764 to give yourself the best chance at a good outcome.